4th International Yoga Day Celebrations - 2018


            The celebration of Third International Day of Yoga (IDY), in the Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tiruapti is organized by the Department of Samkhya-Yoga; Yoga, Stress Management and Healing Centre, CoE and National Service Scheme Unit. The celebrations geared up well in advance by arranging competitions of Essay writing, Elocution and Yogasana for the staff and students of Vidyapeetha.

 Yoga Activities in the Campus  

 Programme activities


     1. Common Yoga Protocol 

     2.  Special Puja to

           Maharshi Patanjali Stature

     3.  Yoga Awareness Rally

     4.  Seminar on Yoga

     5.  41 days Yoga camp

           Valedictory function


     6.  Yoga Therapy camp

           Inaugural function


     7.  Photo glimpses

          Inaugural function


The International Day of Yoga was celebrated in a befitting manner at Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha today i.e.21-06-2018 from 7-00 am to 1-00 pm by the Yoga Therapy Centre and NSS Cell. The programme was started with a floral tributes to Maharishi PATHANJALI, the profounder of SCHOOL OF YOGA to the Universe. After that, Common Yoga Protocol Practice at the Indoor Stadium RSVP, by the staff, students of RSVP and participants of Yoga Therapy camp from 7-30 to 8-30 am. This was followed by a rally through the streets of Tirupati by the gathering. Afterwards, there was a meeting on this auspicious occasion, which was started at 11-00 am and ended by         12-30 pm.

Addressing the Yoga assembly, the Vice Chancellor Prof. V. Muralidhara Sharma in his Presidential address said that "Maharishi Pathanjali, has given a boon to the universe 3 thousand years ago i.e.,YOGA School, which is a feather in cap of SANSKRIT. By practicing his preaching, one can keep their health as perfect, which gives soothing effect to the body. Without Yoga now a days, one can not maintain or sustain the proper health. And on this auspicious occasion, I am happy to inform this august gathering, that the Vidyapeetha will be starting B.Sc.(Yoga) and M.Sc (Yoga Therapy) regular course from this academic year i.e., 2018-19 July onwards
The Guest of the function, Shri N.Muketeswara Rao, Special Officer, Projects, TTD has said that "the contribution of Maharishi Pathanjali's YOGA to the universe is unique and none can beat him. His Yoga Sastra can be considered as KALPAVRIKSHA (the Celestial tree which gives everything) and entire Universe has to pay salutations to him."

The programme was devised and co-ordinated by Dr. Rajendra Reddy, Director of Yoga Therapy Centre. He has highlighted the 40 days Yoga therapy Camp, which was concluded today by stating that, "the camp, which is intended for eradicating hypertension, backache, diabetes etc.,. The Therapy camp will be continued for next coming months without any hindrance."

The programme was attended by Prof.Ch.P.Satyanarayana, Registrar, all NSS Programme Officers, Co-ordinator, faculty, non-teaching staff and students at large.


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