Objectives of the Project

All the Sanskrit Universities and Vidypaeetha-s have large quantities of data both in terms of volume and type. The nature of data varies from scripts (for texts) to voice data (stored on tape) etc. These data have lot of value to entire mankind and need to be preserved and nourished. The very nature of this type of  information calls for good amount of computerisation and that too networked across centres.

To prepare a global bibliography of Sanskrit studies and scholars.

To prepare and train up a unique blend of traditional scholars with modern and scientific knowledge who performs a rare feat of bridging the gap between the traditional scholars and Modern Scientists.

To prepare translation of the rare & basic Sanskrit texts into regional languages for the benefit of common man.

To assist the institutions to develop the hardware, software and the technical capability to place the information in the modern technical framework.

To develop computerized linkage among the different institutions so that each institution can have access to the database available in the other institutions.




To make use of the principles and techniques available in Nyaya, Vyakarana, Mimamsa and Vedanta for developing new paradigms for the computer language.


To develop packages for training  faculties in the scientific work and shastraic world for making best use of the infrastructural facility.

To facilitate preservation of the information on rare manuscript, Vedic literature and Sastras.

To develop hyper-texts of various Shastric texts with their commentaries.

To present the database available in different institutions in a Computer framework.

To conduct training camps/workshops  in Natural Language Processing  to sanskritists and  Linguists.

To build up awareness  to use computers in Sanskrit research among traditional scholars.


To develop Machine Translation Systems  from English and  regional Indian languages  to Sanskrit  and vice versa


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