Vision of the Vidyapeetha


The Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha has chalked out ten years Vision Plan for the developmental activities in realising the goals set by the founders. The Vision can be specified in the following lines :

Quality Improvement in Teaching of Sanskrit and Shastras

v   Development of innovative teaching methods of Sanskrit.

v   Development of Modern Research Methodology in Sanskrit.

v   Conducting national level Shastrartha Training Camps.

v   Use of modern technology such as Language Lab in the development of teaching and research      methodology.

Strengthening of Sanskrit Information through Networking

v   To develop Network of institutes, academicians and researchers on Sanskrit through SANSK-NET.

v   Popularization of great epics like Valmiki Ramayana and Mahabharata and Puranas like      Bhagavatam etc. in all major languages of the World through Internet.

v   Promoting traditional shastras and showing their relevance to the contemporary society.

Propagation of Sanskrit -Science Education

v   Organizing Sanskrit-Science Exhibition.

v   Research on Sanskrit-Science Nexus.

v   Establishing a Centre for Sanskrit and Science Studies and development of New Courses in this      area.

v   Creating a forum for interaction between traditional Sanskrit scholars and Scientists.

v   Organising Seminars, Conferences and Workshops on the Sanskrit Science.

Preservation of Indian Heritage, Tradition and Culture

v   To conduct extensive survey, collection and preservation of Manuscripts and to publish critical       editions.

v   To intensify research on Human Consciousness and Yogic Sciences.

v   To mould the students of Sanskrit learning into Cultural Ambassadors of India.